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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of questions that we are asked at Family Law Specialists.  


What will it cost me to see a lawyer?

We strive to offer value for money legal services. Seeing a lawyer can become expensive and it is important that you are aware how costs are incurred.

For some services (like buying or selling a house, refinancing, wills) we are able to offer to work for you for a fixed fee, which will not be exceeded unless unforeseen matters arise which we will discuss with you if applicable.

Where you need to see a lawyer about other matters (for example separation) the lawyer working to assist you will record the time spent doing work for you. This includes meetings and follow up work, such as writing letters or drafting documents. Each lawyer has an hourly rate which is used for the purpose of calculating fees. These hourly rates are set out in our terms of engagement.

When the fee is set, other factors may be taken into account as required by the Rules of Client Care and Conduct, including urgency, importance of the matter to the client, and the result achieved.

Do I have to go to Court?

Most issues which arise after a family separation can be dealt with through discussion and negotiation, including disputes about property or about children. Court applications are usually only necessary for very urgent situations (for example protection orders in the case of family violence) or where it has not been possible to sort a dispute out through negotiation or mediation.


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